Finding The Right Marketing Software Is Hard.

We Can Help.

Drowning in ads, fake reviews, blog posts and top ten lists? Now you can find the best software product for your needs, in as little as 30 minutes. Get back to your real work—talking to your customers. No salespeople. No spam. Just complete data you can trust.

Vendorsi saved me days of searching for my CRM. I ended up selecting a vendor I would never have otherwise considered.

Joel Andren, CEO and Co Founder of PressFriendly

Due Diligence. Short Lists. Analysis. Today.

Level The Playing Field

You could waste days sifting through useless search results, fake reviews, indecipherable product descriptions, and annoying sales pitches . After all of that, all vendors start to look alike after awhile. You need to know who has what features, and whether they're just vaporware, or will actually drive your business. And you shouldn't have to talk to a salesperson to find out.

We're On Your Side

We have spent years buying software from the largest enterprise class platforms, to the tiniest of social media monitoring tools. So we know how hard it is to get objective information. We do not accept advertising or revenue from software vendors of any kind. You are our customer.

Save Money and Time

With hundreds of vendors now in each category, you'll be able to find vendors that meet your needs and who offer a better value. You'll also save the opportunity costs of choosing the wrong vendor, and having to start all over again .